2023 R1 is now available.

2023 R1 is now available.

February 27, 2023

You asked – we delivered!

2023 R1 is here to make your life easier, from facilitating secure logins to sharing dashboards and navigating the Data Model Designer. All updates in our latest release come straight from customer feedback, so keep your requests coming! You can provide feature suggestions directly from within Nectari or submit your input on our Feature Requests page if you're on an older version. 

Provide your feature requests within Nectari, by clicking on What's New in the upper right corner of the screen. 

Build data models faster

Users who build data models can save time by reviewing the entire SQL query within the Data Model Designer or copying it into SQL management tools for verification-no more scanning through log files to decipher what is and isn't working with your query. A new column in the Designer view makes it easier to find the data type associated with the field you're looking at. And we've also made several updates to the fields table to help you find the information you need with fewer clicks. You can now search the contents of the fields table using the new search bar and scroll through the table and continue to view your headers.

The new search bar with the search term "Id" entered.

The Excel Add-In is now retro-compatible

Another update that will have the Excel Add-in fans elated is the removal of the feature upgrade dependency to the Web Client. What does this mean exactly? For starters, the Excel Add-in will be backward compatible. After upgrading to 2023 R1, you won't have to upgrade the add-in when implementing future upgrades on the Web Client. You will have fewer manual updates to make but can continue to enjoy the latest features of the Nectari Web Client. This applies to both on-premises and cloud customers.

Single Sign-On simplified

The benefits of single sign-on (SSO) are undeniable. There's no need to remember multiple passwords when using an existing email, making it much easier to log in and be more secure. It's a no-brainer for an organization to implement SSO, and now we've streamlined the process of configuring the SAML2 authentication for SSO. You can set up SAML2 for both Web Client and the Excel Add-In all in one place, and you don't have to reconfigure it for future software upgrades. Finally! Because the SAML2 configuration is bound to a central point, this setup will not change after an upgrade. Since HTTPS is required for SSO, your web client will also be more secure. Setting up SSO is all centralized, and depending on your preference for SSO, Nectari now provides both OAuth and SAML2. Need help configuring SAML2? Here are some examples.

Parameters for SAML2 authentication.

Share dashboards of any size

Avoid having your large files rejected when sharing charts, maps, or dashboards. Scale the export resolution to reduce the file size before exporting or sharing your dashboard. To ensure delivery to all recipients, you can downsize the file size up to 90%! You now have five options for scaling from very high to very low resolution. After upgrading to 2023 R1, your default export resolution will be set to the highest quality of very high.

Export resolution options in the Central Point Configuration. 

Web Workbook updates

Shortcut keys, used in other spreadsheet applications, are now available in the Web Workbook. You can view the complete list of shortcuts here. Stay tuned for some core functionality that will be added in an upcoming release. Also, if you'd like to be one of the first to test upcoming Web Workbook features before they're released, you can sign up for our Beta Test Program.

New connectors


New predefined reports

Discover the new views created for your ERP. These pre-configured reporting templates require minimal set-up and are ready to use from day one. Our first Web Workbook templates are now available! The new Finance KPI Dashboard and Business Dashboard for Sage Intacct, Sage 300 and Sage X3 provide insights into your company's financial performance and sales growth in an easy-to-access format. We’ve also released a multitude of new views for the Sales, Manufacturing and Logistics modules for Sage X3 users. Below are the data models for which new views were created:

  • Sales: Orders, Sales, Deliveries,
  • Manufacturing: Work Order Detail, Work Order Detail (with costs)
  • Logistics: Delivery Performance, Purchase Orders, Purchase Invoices

Click here to view the extensive list of the new predefined views for Sage X3.


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