Not everyone learns at the same pace, nor do they have the same amount of time available to be able to learn everything.

That’s why we’ve put together a series of webinars that you can watch, when it’s convenient for you.

Webinar #1

Introducing Nectari

Get acquainted with Nectari! We'll explore the new look and feel, advanced reporting capabilities, online help, upcoming eLearning, and Nectari going cloud.


Webinar #2

Universal Finance Data Model

Discover how Nectari's advanced analytical capabilities can help you monitor the real-time performance of your business. Nectari’s Financial Data Model includes hundreds of industry-standard measures and Key Performance Indicators, with the ability to drill-down and analyze every dimension of your rich financial data.


Webinar #3

Universal Data Model
(Sales & CRM)

Discover how you can leverage Nectari's Sales and CRM Data Model  to monitor the real-time performance of your business. The Sales and CRM data models include hundreds of industry standard measures and Key Performance Indicators, to give you a big-picture view of your business.


Webinar #4

DataSync / ETL

Learn about Nectari’s new DataSync module, which helps connect to multiple data sources and perform extraction, transformation and loading of your data in a few simple steps.


Webinar #5

Sage X3 Integration and Pre-Built Deliverables

Discover how easily Nectari's powerful dashboards can be integrated within Sage X3, and various pre-built deliverables you can take the advantage of.


Webinar #6

Building Powerful Dashboards for Your Business

Learn how to build powerful, intuitive dashboards that will help you see your business from a whole new perspective!


Webinar #7

Excel Add-In Tips & Tricks

Learn to use various tools included with Nectari's Excel Add-In and discover how effortlessly you can do away with tedious reporting.


Transforming data into business insights

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