Nectari Business Intelligence

Nectari is a fully Cloud enabled business intelligence and data management solution that helps organizations make informed decisions based on real-time data.

It empowers all users with a simple interface to access and analyze data in a self-sufficient manner and eliminates the need for disparate tools and specialized skills.

Why Nectari?

Most ERPs don't have a standard method of accessing enterprise-wide information. They usually work with outdated tools that take a lot of manual effort to use properly, which is time-consuming and expensive. Because of this, clients are working in silos, without efficient ways to collaborate and access the information they need.

This is why we built Nectari. Our goal is to provide you with a standard way of accessing, visualizing, analyzing and reporting on information in your enterprise, all in one place. Today, the solution continues to evolve with pre-defined market KPIs, analytics, and so much more.

Transform your data

Gain visibility and insight

Measure the performance of your organization and make data-driven decisions faster. With Nectari, you get access to your data in real-time from any device, on any platform including web, mobile and Excel, and in multiple languages. An intuitive interface allows you to navigate through views, dashboards, and reports. The Excel add-in combines the robust capabilities of Excel with the power of Nectari and eliminates time spent on manual tasks.

Key Features

Get started with the solution that gives you access to complete data management and analytics.

Manage your data

Centralize in data warehouse
Multiple data sources (cloud & on-prem)

Gain visibility and insight

Real-time data
OLAP cubes
Out-of-the-box views, dashboards, and reports
Powerful UDM with KPIs

Empower all users

Intuitive interface
On the Web, mobile, and Excel
Filters, pivots, ranks, and KPIs
Flexible reporting
Over 100 visualizations
In multiple languages

Collaborate securely

Distribution scheduler
Annotate reports
Conditional alerts, data security, reporting packs

Web Workbook

The Nectari Web Workbook allows users to benefit from the familiar functionalities of Excel and the advanced reporting and analytic capabilities of Nectari. With the Web Workbook, users can access their worksheets directly within Nectari.

Distribution Module

Elevate your collaboration using Nectari's Distribution Module and gain access to advanced features like subscriptions, conditional alerts, reporting packs, and more.

For users needing timely reports, schedule emails at specific times.

Conditional alerts automatically send reports when conditions are met, saving time on manual data checks.

Create consolidated reporting packs with customizable cover pages and table of contents, efficiently sharing them with chosen recipients.

OLAP Manager

The Nectari OLAP Manager is a tool that enables users to efficiently access and analyze large data sets or data residing in multiple databases. With the OLAP Manager, users can build multi-dimensional cubes that pre-calculate data and make it readily available.

Analyze large datasets. OLAP technology improves processing performance for businesses that need quick access to large volumes of data.

Compare datasets. OLAP is ideal for comparing datasets and identifying trends, such as comparing the current year’s results to previous years.

Analyze data from multiple systems. OLAP enables the aggregation of various datasets from different sources, like merging data from a legacy ERP and data from your current ERP.

Data Management & Governance

Replication, consolidation, migration, and transformation of data across all types of platforms and systems.