Budget & Forecast with Nectari

Save time and manual effort with Nectari's budgeting and forecasting capabilities.

In today's economic climate, it is more important than ever to plan proactively for the future, foresee changing market trends and stay ahead of your competition. Save the time and effort typically required for manually creating budgets and forecasts by automating and maintaining these processes directly in Nectari.


Allocate your company's financial resources and create targets that will help your business grow with Nectari's Budgeting functionality.

  • Budget by Posting or Ending Balance/Opening Balance
  • Budget by Month or Quarter
  • Budgeting methods:
  • Last year Posting + % Increase
  • Last Year Posting Average + % Increase
  • Zero Based Budgeting
  • Integrated budgeting process including revision, evaluations, and approval
  • Ability to Copy and Shift budgets
  • Ability to combine different budget level details
  • Budget in Report layout (ex: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow)


Facilitate accurate analysis of your company's year over year sales information in order to make future projections with Nectari's Forecasting functionality.

  • Forecast by Amount, Quantities or Margin
  • Forecast by Week, Month or Quarter
  • Forecasting methods:
  • Last Year + % Increase
  • Last Year Average + % Increase
  • Linear Regression
  • Zero Based Forecast
  • Forecast Months into the future based on your average from of the past X Months with a Constant Growth %

Integrating Your Forecast with Your Budget

Integrate your sales forecasting with your financial budget seamlessly with Nectari. Map your sales forecasts within the appropriate GL accounts (ex: by product line) based on the criteria of your choice (ex: product line, territory, country).

Transforming data into business insights

Get the answers your business needs.