Save the date for this year’s Sage Partner Summit!

Save the date for this year’s Sage Partner Summit!

March 3, 2021
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On May 25-27, Sage will host its annual Partner Summit, a 3-day virtual event dedicated to the Sage Partner community. The theme will be Stronger Together, which will be on display throughout the event, showcasing Sage’s strength through its partnerships.

Empowering attendees with more ways to grow their businesses, this event will feature an incredible and innovative virtual experience. Featuring partner-ready content and tools, 2-way engagement opportunities with other industry leaders, deep dives into Sage’s vision and culture to align your success strategy, and more ways to truly inspire your customers.

This event also includes additional benefits such as flexible scheduling, access to on-demand content, access to more peers through the Sage medium segment ecosystem, and of course, the ability to join the event from anywhere!

Nectari Software will also have its own virtual booth, and details on our booth number, presentation and content will be available soon. We look forward to the strategic discussions with other Sage partners and executives, and to Sage’s presentations during the event. We’re also excited about showcasing the new features and capabilities of Sage Enterprise Intelligence in our own presentations during the sponsored sessions and at our booth.