Administrator Course - 12 Months
Administrator Course - 12 Months

Nectari Academy

Administrator Course - 12 Months

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The Administrator course is composed of several modules, which include an overview of the system architecture, a walkthrough of the Web Central Point Configurator, deep dives into configuring security and Report Distribution in Nectari/Sage Enterprise Intelligence, as well as the basics of supporting the multiple components of the application. 


  • Administrator Course (Access course materials in Nectari Academy for 12 months after purchase)
  • Nectari/SEI Training Environment
  • 4 Modules
  • 3 Exercises
  • 1 Exam


What you’ll be able to do after completing this course:

  • Identify all the components in the Nectari Architecture
  • Understand the different options inside the Web Central Point configurator
  • Set up Nectari to make it work from within systems like Sage x3
  • Promptly set up a link to access external applications from reports within Nectari
  • Grant access to Nectari by setting up users and groups.
  • Limit the scope of what a user is supposed to access in Nectari.
  • Understand and apply basic Restrictions to the Data that a user would see
  • Differentiate between General and Data Model Roles and use them accordingly
  • Create a complete users and groups configuration
  • Understand the pre-requisites to enable the automatic distribution of reports in Nectari
  • Effectively use all the different options available to set up a distribution job
  • Identify opportunities to send relevant information by combining the distribution and security features
  • Apply all the scheduling principles in a real-life scenario
  • Back up the Nectari Components
  • Understand and follow the traces of Nectari’s Back End Components (logs)
  • Perform Peak Analysis and troubleshoot common inconveniences.
  • Follow simple steps to increase the speed on your reports done using the Excel add-in