End User Advanced Course - 12 Months
End User Advanced Course - 12 Months

Nectari Academy

End User Advanced Course - 12 Months

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The End User Advanced course is designed to help you get more comfortable with Nectari/Sage Enterprise Intelligence’s various modules as you explore our more intermediate functionalities. You’ll dive in a little deeper in terms of worksheet customization and explore new chart options. You’ll also learn how to create basic dashboards and web reports, and workbooks. Additionally, you'll learn to work your magic with our Excel Add-In.


  • End User Advanced Course (Access course materials in Nectari Academy for 12 months after purchase)
  • Nectari/SEI Training Environment
  • 6 Modules
  • 5 Exercises
  • 1 Exam


What you’ll be able to do after completing this course:

  • Create a new view
  • Apply and edit filters
  • Use global variables for advanced filters
  • Customize the format of each column in the worksheet
  • Change the format of Group column(s)
  • Create your own custom Measures (calculated columns and pivots) and use them in views
  • Navigate between views using Link to features
  • Link BI to other external applications via Application links
  • Identify what is the best type of charts to use in every situation
  • Build the different types of charts from scratch
  • Customize the different types of advanced charts using the Chart Properties
  • Build a dashboard from existing views that incorporate a fully modified theme with custom grid spacing
  • Understand and apply basic and advanced filtering options (including the dockable filtering panel)
  • Use Global parameters in the Dashboards filtering options
  • Build and customize a basic report using the report designer by combining the Report Titles, Section Titles and Adding Views and applying advance filtering
  • Perform basic and advance calculations using the report widget
  • Use workbooks to create Excel reports and dashboards.
  • Build dynamic reports using Nectari’s Excel Add-in
  • Understand the key properties of the Formula Wizard, Data Extraction and Pivot Table features
  • Enhance user experience by combining the Nectari Excel Add-in with native Excel functions and features
  • Enhance performance by managing and setting up the Excel Add-in cache system