Universal Data Model Course - 12 months
Universal Data Model Course - 12 months

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Universal Data Model Course - 12 months

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The Universal Data Model (UDM) course provides you with an overview of the key features of each component of the UDM in the Finance, Sales, and CRM Data Models, and how to use them in the most optimal way. You’ll learn how to leverage the wide range of key performance indicators that are included in all of these data models to analyze and monitor your company’s performance.


  • Universal Data Model Course (Access course materials in Nectari Academy for 12 months after purchase)
  • Nectari/SEI Training Environment
  • 7 Modules
  • 2 Exercises
  • 1 Exam


What you’ll be able to do after completing this course:

  • Have a better understanding of Universal data model components
  • Recognize the key feature of each UDM modules
  • Get familiar with the out of the box KPIs
  • Do a recapitulation of the Environment and Data Source definitions
  • Understand how to install the UDM Template
  • Understand how to manage the multilingual feature
  • Identify and work with the Dimension Cubes created for the UDM
  • Understand the purpose of the Staging Cubes
  • Properly schedule the refresh of the UDM Module Cubes
  • Build and load UDM Cubes for the first time and schedule regular maintenance jobs
  • Set up an Account Grouping
  • Add new Account Groupings
  • Modify an existing Account Group
  • Set up currency conversion
  • Create a new report
  • Modify an existing report
  • Add new lines to a report
  • Delete line(s) in the report
  • Publish a report
  • Create and use Sales Forecasts in Nectari