Data Modeler Advanced Course - 12 Months
Data Modeler Advanced Course - 12 Months

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Data Modeler Advanced Course - 12 Months

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The Data Modeler Advanced course will help you gain an understanding of the more complex functionalities of Nectari/Sage Enterprise Intelligence’s Data Model Designer. You’ll also learn how to build your first OLAP Cube as well as learn the concept of consolidation in the ETL module.


  • Data Modeler Advanced Course (Access course materials in Nectari Academy for 12 months after purchase)
  • Nectari/SEI Training Environment
  • 8 Modules
  • 3 Exercises
  • 1 Exam


What you’ll be able to do after completing this course:

  • Get acquainted with the Cube Concepts and its advantages
  • Navigate through the OLAP Manager
  • Get familiar with the Cube Process
  • Learn about different types of cubes in Nectari
  • Create a cube with a single data source
  • Optimize Cube performance using slices
  • Understand ‘Load All’ versus ‘Incremental Load’
  • Understand the two types of tracking
  • Understand Tracking types advantages and disadvantages
  • Build a cube
  • Schedule a cube for Load all or Refresh
  • Log Build/Load process to debug an error
  • Understand the purpose of data model parameters
  • Create and use data model parameters
  • Understand how to enable the data entry capabilities of Nectari
  • Learn the different options available in the Edit section.
  • Use the data entry options when working with Worksheets
  • Understand the purpose of Nectari’s Info Pages and how to trigger SQL scripts based on given parameters
  • Attach views to an execution of a stored procedure
  • Limit the results coming from a data model by using the Where clause in the Data Model Designer
  • Understand Script Parameters and how to utilize them
  • Maintain and Create Global Scripts
  • Attach scripts to data models and understand why it is beneficial to keep them updated