End User Fundamentals Course - 3 Months
End User Fundamentals Course - 3 Months

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End User Fundamentals Course - 3 Months

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The End User Fundamentals course is designed to help you familiarize yourself with BI concepts and understand Nectari/Sage Enterprise Intelligence’s various available interface options. It’ll also assist you as you begin exploring the various visualizations available, such as worksheets, charts, dashboards, and reports.


  • End User Fundamentals Course (Access course materials in Nectari Academy for 3 months after purchase)
  • Nectari/SEI Training Environment
  • 12 Modules
  • 8 Exercises
  • 1 Exam


What you’ll be able to do after completing this course:

  • Understand the importance of Business Intelligence as a whole and the principles that guided the creation of Nectari
  • Easily navigate through Nectari’s working area and identify the different modules fully dedicated to the End-User
  • Easily identify the key elements used in building a Nectari report
  • Open existing worksheets
  • Identify the different sections available in worksheets and understand their functionalities
  • Differentiate between a Dimension and Measure
  • Modify the layout of an existing worksheet
  • Create, modify or delete a pivot layout in a worksheet
  • Enhance the look and feel of the worksheet through the usage of the Theme, Column Header, Total Row, and Grid Content properties
  • Add Groups and Columns to your worksheet in different ways
  • Modify the properties of your Groups by Sorting them and changing the Description Format, the columns Group Headings and Headings
  • Filter and Sort any type of view
  • Understand how to add rankings
  • Understand the different types of filtering and when and how to use them (pre-defined, Prompt, Selection Page)
  • Share views with internal colleagues or external parties
  • Schedule tasks for automatic distribution of views
  • Identify when you should use a bar chart and which type might be best suited to your data
  • Add measures and dimensions to a bar chart, creating a meaningful interpretation of the data
  • Use the chart properties to improve readability
  • Identify what is the best type of charts (Line, Pie and Maps) to use in every situation
  • Customize the different types of Line, Pie and Vector Maps Charts using the Chart Properties.
  • Modify the layout of a dashboard and the theme with custom grid spacing
  • Understand and apply filtering to the dashboard
  • Understand the report work area and its components
  • Change a report’s appearance using the report properties
  • Set the page settings for printing a report
  • Access the Mobile app
  • Differentiate between the user interface of the Web client and Mobile app
  • Understand the Mobile app functionalities and limitations
  • Use the different functionalities of the Excel Add-in
  • Identify the purpose of different components of the Excel Add-in.
  • Understand and apply basic navigation techniques using existing reports in Excel