Nectari / SEI July 2023 Release is here.

Nectari / SEI July 2023 Release is here.

July 22, 2023

In July 2023 (Release 8), we’ve added more functionality to the Formula Wizard and Drill Down Wizard in the Web Workbook. We also continue to increase customization when sharing reports and have improved how quickly users can sync large amounts of data to Nectari.

Name your formula

For a quick understanding of cells that contain multiple formulas, users can customize the name of each formula using the Formula Wizard in the Web Workbook. You can view the details of each formula, like the data model, field, and operator, and also edit the name of the formula to define what is being calculated.

Select any formula from a multi-formula cell and rename it to get a quick understanding of your calculations

Drill down updates

Easily remove multiple field aggregations set in your drill down profiles to view your results in a flat list without any grouping applied. For example, you can reset the "customer" field to view more details if you prefer to see the complete list of customers that contributed to your sales rather than grouping them.

Drill down to more data in the Web Workbook using fields that are Hyperlinks. When designing the data model, your administrator can configure the format of fields to be read as hyperlinks. Customers that want to drill down into ERP data can benefit from this feature. For example, if a Sage Intacct customer wants to view their transaction details, they can add a hyperlink to the Record URL that will open up in the side panel.

Customize shared reports

To improve readability when saving or sharing individual reports sent by the scheduler, you can now customize the name of the saved or shared file. This can help organize your network files and provide a better description for email recipients. When renaming a file, you can add global and special variables to automate the customization of naming these reports. We could always customize the name for consolidated reports, but now we can also use the global and special variables for this.

Better syncing

We have improved the performance when synching large amounts of data using Nectari DataSync. When syncing more than 50 million rows, users will experience up to 50% faster loading times.

New AutoSimply reports

Sage 300 customers that use the AutoSimply Manufacturing Order add-on to facilitate the manufacturing process, including material procurement, processing manufacturing orders, and work in progress, now have access to new reports in Nectari. Some of the new reports include the BOM Aging Report, Materials (Issuance & Returns), Manufacturing Quotations, and Transaction History.


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