2023 Release 5 is now available.

2023 Release 5 is now available.

May 22, 2023

Access external sources and destinations

To help Nectari customers bring in more data, flat files can now be used as a data source and a destination, for both on-premises and cloud customers. Flat files were previously only accessible on-premises, stored locally, or on the network. Flat files can now be accessed from external locations, like FTP sites, giving our cloud customers the ability to transfer data from these sources. For example, if you have legacy ERP data in CSV format, you can bring this into your data warehouse and then save it as a flat file and send it to an external FTP site. Learn more on how to set up a flat file connection here.

Quickly filter on table data

Similar to Excel table slicers, you can quickly filter your data in the Web Workbook by adding a slicer to your table. Once the slicer menu is added, you can select a different slicer and dynamically update your data. Slicers can be easily formatted, and slicer options and all other table formatting options can be found under the Table Design tab in the menu.


Dynamically change your data with customizable table slicers.

Save time by copying folders

If you want to save time from recreating Web Workbook folders, you can now copy the entire contents of a folder, from within the Nectari Command Center. For example, if you have a folder for every month with the same reports, like an Income Statement or a Balance Sheet, you can simply create the folders for all these months ahead of time by copying the original Web Workbook folder.

Quickly duplicate folders to reuse the same Web Workbook template for different projects.  

Additions to Web Client Templates

Highlights of the latest template additions include:

  • The new Preventive Maintenance module for Sage X3 has been added to help you manage the maintenance of both production and non-production equipment. You can now access reports like Equipment History, Resource Utilization, Job Ticket Response Time, and more.

  • Customers using the Sage 300 Service Manager add-on for costing, equipment maintenance, and resource scheduling, can now access reports like Install Base, Project Jobs Quotation, Labor Scheduling, and more.


For all updates and bug fixes, please refer to our Release Notes